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Susan Sherburn

  • MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement
Dr. James Ballard preformed a partial knee replacement on my left knee using the MAKOplasty technique on 2/6/2012. I was walking without assistance 2 days after surgery and back to work having only missed 7 days. I faithfully did my exercises and 2 ½ weeks later I was able to perform all my normal activities and functions. The precision when using the MAKOplasty equipment is truly amazing. Now 6 weeks after surgery the left knee is a strong as the other one and there is no sense of having "hardware" in that knee

Helen Ruth Stephens

  • Total Right Hip Replacement
After walking around in exquisite denial and excruciating pain for way too long, after working with physical therapists, after getting cortisone shots, after succumbing to a walker, I finally acknowledged that I would at least speak to an orthopedic "guy" (even the word "surgeon" was too much for me -- my bias said that all persons of the orthopedic persuasion had a singular passion to cut no matter what). I did see a guy, and he did seem to have a passion to cut and no particular interest in me. So I walked away, did a little research on line, and found an angel! Dr.Ballard's procedures are innovative and his skill is amazing. (He may look like a kid, but he's done over a thousand hips!) All those "Hip Precautions" about restrictive post-surgical movements? Forget about it! Dr. Ballard's mantra is just to let our own bodies be our guides. Rehab is tough, and being able to follow one's own body rather than to stick to an impossible memorized list of forbidden movements was a great relief. Because I live alone, and rehab is a big deal, I went to a nursing home for my recovery. There I had group physical therapy. Not only was I in much less pain than the other patients, but also I had much greater mobility. The physical therapists were surprised by my relatively easy recovery and all wanted to know my doctor's name! I was driving within 2 weeks of surgery. In fact, I now carry a pile of his cards with me wherever I go. Hip replacement is a pretty common procedure in my age group, and it's a big deal. I want others to be as lucky as I was in getting the best "orthopedic guy" there is! I'd be happy to talk with anyone who is facing the scary idea of replacing a hip.

Linda Brandow

  • Total Hip Replacement
At the time of my knee replacement Dr. Ballard told me I had two bad joints, and it was a toss up on which one to do first, I did the knee first. One year after the knee replacement he replaced my hip. It is hard to describe what total relief I had from Day one. I call Dr. Ballard the Miracle Man. He is a gifted physician and is a truly nice man. I would recommend his surgical skills to anyone that is undergoing joint replacement. I was doing water aerobics in six weeks and golfing 18 holes in nine weeks. Thank you so much Dr. Ballard, you are my Hero.


  • Total Right Knee Replacement
On Sept. 6, 2011 I had my right knee replaced by Dr. Ballard. On Sept. 10th of 2012 I will have the left knee replaced. I am looking forward to it. After the 1st one I was dancing all night long...but with pain in the left knee. I went up and down 105 steps 3 times a day 2 months after the replacement. I want to golf and walk in to fish. With the Best Dr. in our Area using the latest techniques I know it will happen. His bed side manner and concern are 2nd to none!

David Welsh

  • Bi-Lateral Knee Replacement
I am two months away from one year with my new knees It is amazing how far I have come. I play golf 3 to 4 times a week, ride my bike, and walk pain free. I'm still healing but the annoyance pain is minor. People ask if I would do it again, yes I would. It is a painful process but worth it. My admin assistant reminds me of what I was like last year at this time. Could hardly walk! Our technology today is amazing and I am thankful for those innovative people that made my life better and Dr. Ballard for letting me get both done at once.

Jim Bouchie

  • Total Knee Replacement of Both Knees
After suffering for years and finally giving up the activities (Golf, Hunting, Hiking, Walking) I loved to do I finally decided it was time to get my knees replaced. In August 2011 Dr. Ballard performed a TNR on my right knee and within 6 weeks I was able to go archery hunting. My left knee was still a problem and we had scheduled that procedure for November while I was in the hospital in August. After the second TNR the pain in my knees is gone. Hunting this year was a joy and I was able to walk 8-10 miles a day on my new knees without any pain. Before the surgeries, even lifting my feet to step over logs, go up stairs, etc was painful for me. Now thanks to the successful treatment by Dr. Ballard, I am much more active and able to resume the activities I love to do. My only issue is that Dr. Ballard is a Dallas Cowboy fan and I am a Green Bay Packer fan and he wouldn't put the Packer logo on my new knees.

Darlene Meininger

  • Left Total Hip Replacement
It started with left knee pain, then escalated to the whole leg. The pain was chronic for a few years. It became a constant, extreme, severe pain!! A decision needed to be made. I am 75 years of age and retired from 21 years of great service, in the "Medical Profession". I did not want to have surgery. After the surgery {L Total Hip} literally I had "no pain"!!!. 8 months have past, today still going strong!!! In my eyes Dr Ballard is #1. Thank You so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darlene Meininger

Crystal Mitchell

  • Hip Revision
Dr. Ballard is an amazing doctor who truly cares about the comfort and well being of his patients. Becoming one of his patients was one of the best decisions I have ever made in regards to my hip. I am very young and have had over 6 surgeries on this hip and I must say that I have never recovered so quickly and easily. I will continue to use Dr. Ballard for as long as I need an orthopedic doctor.

Mickey Krieg

  • Total Knee Replacement
Look no further in your search for the absolute best Orthopedic surgeon there is. After 3 previous knee surgeries, one of which was a partial knee replacement, a friend referred me to Dr. Ballard. In our initial meeting, Dr. Ballard looked me straight in the eye and said that he had thoroughly reviewed my file and was confident that he could end my continuous knee pain with a total knee replacement. He then spent the next 40 minutes carefully and throughly explaining why he could , using MRI images and hand held models of knee joints. He then answered all of my questions, directly and in very understandable terminology . This doctor really is an expert in his field and is very personable. My surgery with Dr. Ballard was flawless, and my recovery is complete in about half of the time that it generally takes. I have my active lifestyle back and it is because of Dr. Ballard.


  • Total Hip Replacement
Dr. Ballard did a complete left hip replacement for me in Aug. 2010. I had severe pain in my left hip for some time and when seeing him he suggested a total hip replacement. The surgery went very good and when I woke up from surgery the pain was completely gone, I thought that it must have been because of the pain medications that I was given, but later that day when the nurses asked me what my pain level was I said what pain? I have had no pain in it since then and am very thankful to Dr. Ballard for being a very caring and meticulous doctor I would recommend him to anyone that needed surgery he is the best!

Ed Becker

  • Two Hip Joint Replacements
I completed my second hip joint replacement last January with Dr. Ballard, exactly one year after he performed my first hip replacement operation. Both operations have been a huge success and have enabled me to return to an active lifestyle i had previously enjoyed throughout my life. I have gone from constant hip pain--not being able to tie my shoes or get a full night's sleep, to walking, playing tennis, and enjoying a pain-free lifestyle. I interviewed three other physicians before selecting Dr. Ballard. I was impressed with his direct approach, thorough assessment of my arthritic hip joints and extensive experience he had with joint replacement. I'm extremely glad i chose him and would recommend him to anyone considering hip joint replacement surgery.

Nancy B.

  • Total Knee Replacement
Wow, what a difference! I am thrilled with my new knee. Stairways posed the worst and most painful knee problems before I consulted with Dr. Ballard. Two days after surgery I was climbing stairs again. Within a few weeks, my leg wanted to run. I received excellent care and encouragement from Dr. Ballard and his staff, and will return there for young knee #2.

Kat M.

  • Left Hip Replacement
In 2009 I suffered a crippling on-the-job injury which would only be resolved via surgery. After 3 & a half years' worth of struggling with the Worker's Comp Evil Empire, and a half a years' worth of dental work in order to prepare, I was finally FINALLY able to schedule surgery. My Primary Care doctor, Dr. Richard Orth (HERO!) referred me to Dr. Ballard, telling me he was amongst a very small select specialists with a high rate of success. Yesterday marked my six month anniversary of my new hip. This has been undoubtably the difference between Living life, and a Living Death for me. At the end of my 3 & a half year stint of broken-ness, I was addicted to pain pills, crippled by pain, unable to do much of anything which afforded me any pleasure in life. I walked hunched over like an 80 year old woman, and could not move without a cane. It was a HORRIBLE thin and watery existence. Today, I can walk without my cane. I can garden. I can walk my dogs. I can even dance a little again! And the best best best thing is thanks to Dr. Ballard's unique technique of surgery, there are NO LIMITS besides what my body can tolerate, to my movements! I don't have to worry about "staying over a 45* angle" or not squatting, or not twisting, or ANYTHING! As long as I don't try to spring board off an airplane's wing, or parachute out of a dark night's sky, I can do just about everything of the beloved activities which had been denied me. I am so grateful for the skill, the care, the freedom!! and the decreased and tolerable pain levels that I could just DANCE! And thanks to Dr. Ballard, I can do that, too! God Bless you, Doc.

Pat B

  • Total Knee Replacements
July 1st 2012 had my first knee replacement. Was pretty scared had heard stories of pain and loss of flexibility. There was very little pain and I was able to get up the next day. Was surprised how well I was able to get around. Went home two days later. My daughter stayed with me a couple nights then I sent her home. Was able to get around on my own and take care of all my own needs, including cooking and taking care of my dogs. Three months later we went to DisneyLand. New knee was great, old knee not so much. So 12/7/12 had my second knee done. Again no issues what so ever. Took very little pain meds, was able to drive two weeks later when the staples came out. Now I can walk, ride my bike and swim without any pain. Can't thank Dr. Ballard, his staff and Meridian Park Hospital enough for giving me back my life. I have recommended them to friends and family and if I ever need another ortho surgery will go back.
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