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Gail J

  • Total Knee Replacement of Both Knees
I suffered with severe knee pain for 20+ years, and decided life was too short to continue this way. Since I was so young when the damage was originally done, I had to wait. During this "waiting period", periodically I would inquire and be told "you are too young". Finally, I wanted to know how young, was too young, because I was not living life. I work in a healthcare environment, and I knew about Dr. Ballard, so I decided I wanted him to review my case. I liked him the first moment met him. The damage was so evident he was amazed I was even walking, and he didnât hesitate to recommend Total Knee Replacements. Since that first meeting with him in January 2012, I've had my left knee done April 2012, and my right knee done August 2013. My recovery was grueling, as anyone thatâs had a Total Knee replacement knows, but I knew I could get through anything, knowing the intense pain was only temporary. I did the work, and my recovery was amazing! In October 2013, just two 1/2 months after my last surgery, I walked on the beach for the first time in 7 years, and last month (April 2014) I travelled to Italy, and walked mile after mile, without any issues. I climbed towers, walked the Coliseum, and looking back...I could become emotional, because Dr. Ballard has given me my life back. In fact, Iâm even thinking about dancing, again. Life is wonderful! THANK YOU!

Wayne O.

  • Knee Replacement
Having been a patient here on several occasions, I believe that there can be NO BETTER hands to be in! I have received nothing but the best possible care on every occasion!!

Doreen C

  • Total Knee Replacement
My knee replacement surgery was performed six months ago and I am so pleased. I am able to continue on with my life without pain. In fact I don't even have to think about my knee. The quality of my life is so much better. Dr. Ballard is my hero. He walked me through this entire process with genuine care and concern. Not only is he a Great Surgeon, he is a wonderful human being. Thank God for such a gifted doctor.

Karen Dummer

  • Total Hip Replacement
Dr. Ballard is the best doctor ever. He replaced my hip with little discomfort, and has improved my life 1000%. Before surgery I was in excruciating pain that severely limited my activities. The pain was immediately eliminated with surgery, and I regained my strength and mobility within weeks. Dr. Ballard is very personable, listens to his patients, is easy to talk to and answers all your questions. I am so happy with my experience with Dr Ballard, his staff and the team at Meridian Park Hospital that I have scheduled surgery to replace the other hip. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Ballard to anyone with hip issues, he will change your life.

Stephen Piazza

  • Knee Replacement
Dr. Ballard replaced my right knee 8 months ago. I could not be happier with the results. The first 6 to 8 weeks of rehab were challenging, but now I am able to go on 10 mile hikes, 40 mile bike rides, and make it through a day of physical work with little or no pain. This surgery gave me my life back.

Lori VG

  • Total Knee Replacement
I had a recent total knee replacement by Dr. Ballard. I was very happy with my care every step of the way. He spent a great deal of time discussing options with me, and nursed me along until I was ready for the operation. When I was leaving for a trip to Italy, he suggested injecting both of my knees with steroids about a week before I left, which greatly increased my ability to walk and enjoy my vacation fully. From the very beginning of my surgical experience I was cared for respectfully and competently. The office staff organized my scheduling,and all paperwork was done promptly to assure my employer had all of the necessary information for my leave. I was scheduled for a joint class at the hospital where the surgery was performed, and a week before the operation, he sent someone to my house to deliver a portable medical device to squeeze my legs and prevent blood clots. The surgery went very well. My hospital experience was wonderful. And since then, his nurse has called weekly to check on me and make sure I am progressing without problems and opening herself up to any questions I might have. I never even had to call his office. They call me first! I have researched this procedure and found Dr. Ballard to be very progressive on all aspects. He is aware of all current scientifically based treatment and educated me on statistical data. I would recommend him highly to anyone I know. In fact, he is performing a hip operation on my brother in law in a couple of weeks on my recommendation. I am very happy with my entire experience.

Alex S.

  • Total Hip Replacement
Dr Ballard changed my life! I had a horrible experience with a previous surgery to save my hip. Dr. Ballard stepped in to do the total hip replacement and was very sensitive to my nervousness. He did a wonderful job on my new hip and my life has improved 100%. I was only 37 years old and I can now move like I was 20. Great surgeon and wonderful man!

Ron Walker

  • Knee Replacement Revision
Dr. Ballard was able to revise a knee replacement procedure done five years ago that left me with limited mobility and range of motion. I've gained more mobility than expected through the revision and am looking forward to increased activity and better quality of life. I couldn't be happier. Tennis anyone?

Ron Walker

  • Knee Replacement Revision
Dr. Ballard did a revision of my knee replacement in May of 2015. He expressed confidence that he could improve my bend from 80 degrees to 115 degrees and he was exactly right, although, I'm currently at 117 degrees. I couldn't be happier! I'm able to walk, ride a bike, take stairs with ease and may be taking up ballroom dancing in the future. My quality of life has significantly improved. Thank you Dr. Ballard. Your skill and kind confident manner made the entire process a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend your services to anyone, and have already.

Billy Thomas

  • Total Hip Replacement
Where do I begin? First of all, thank you Dr Ballard for changing my life, in a positive way of course!! My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner. Background - I was born without a right hip socket and had to wear a 2 inch lift in my shoe for a majority of my life. I was in constant pain and I couldn't go on long walks or bike rides with my wife. No hiking or jogs. Even driving long distance was very uncomfortable and I had a noticeable limp. I couldn't wear slippers, dress shoes, low top sneakers or flip flops. Falling asleep was a challenge every night. My right leg was visibly skinnier and shorter than my left but I still tried to live a "normal" life. I still wore shorts and even played on a city league softball team for about a decade. I wasn't the fastest but hitting bombs made up for that. I've seen other doctors in the past but none of them made me feel as comfortable as Dr Ballard did. Dr Ballard was very confident in his skills and didn't treat me like the surgery was going to be a big experiment like other doctors did. Dr Ballard looked me in the eyes and said in less than 2 hours, you're going to be a new man...and he was right... boy was he right! I had the surgery in March 2015, when I was 39 years old. The surgery took less than 2 hours like Dr Ballard said. After the surgery, I broke into tears because for the first time in my life, my legs were the same length! I could finally throw away that 2 inch lift in my shoe! Yes! It was a challenge learning how to walk again but in just 5 months since the surgery (with lots of physical therapy, gym and pool time), I was back on the field with my team! It was a miracle! You can barely tell my right leg is skinnier now and I don't have to wear any size lift in my shoe! My limp is gone! I never thought I'd see the day! I bought my first pair of flip flops and could finally wear normal dress shoes! It's October 2015 and I feel better than ever! I can't even remember how the pain felt. I'm pain free! Now, I can walk my dog around the block without pain. I can go on long walks or hikes with my wife. I can even take my shoes off at the beach and walk without a limp or feeling like everyone is staring at my legs. Thank you again Dr Ballard for everything! I thank God everyday for putting you in my life.

Carroll Moon

  • Both Hips Replaced
I had both of my hips replaced this year, First one in January, second in April, 11 weeks apart, best thing I have ever done. Prior I was in constant pain from the bone on bone action in my joints, it was a chore to walk to the mail box, 15 yards. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 6, I could ride about 10 miles before the pain started to get so bad I had to stop. 5 weeks after my last surgery we hiked into Abiqua falls, then hiked the Butte creek falls trails, about eight miles all together. I can ride my motorcycle for a full tank of gas, 3 - 4 hours without pain, can sleep through the night without pain, no longer taking any pain meds. This was truly a life changing event. The pain management during recovery was excellent, well worth the results. I am not sure why I waited so long. Surgery was quick, went home the next day. All I can say is well worth it, life is awesome once again!

Ron Clarke M.D.

  • Hip Replacement
I am a 62 year old pediatrician. For the last few years I had become increasingly inactive. I struggled to sit very long at the dinner table, stand up straight, and found that even mild activity would leave me with hips that ached for days. I sought Dr Ballard's advice, and was informed that my condition was fixable with a total hip replacement, and that the recovery from the procedure would likely be much more rapid than "the old days." He estimated that I would be able to return to work half time after just two weeks and in terms of pain the recovery would not be too bad. Everything turned out just as he predicted! I went home the day after the procedure and after a couple couple of days required neither walker, nor cane to get around the house. After couple of weeks I no longer needed any pain medications and I returned to work half time. By three weeks I was back to full time and started exercising on an elliptical trainer. It is now 8 weeks since my surgery and I have rejoined the gym I left in 2012. I am completely pain free and thrilled with my results. My formerly bad hip is now my good hip. I feel that Dr Ballard and his team have provided me with top notch care. They have earned my trust and gratitude. I believe they truly excel in their field.

Cathy Goldenstein

  • Total Hip Replacement
If you are reading testimonials, you are ready to be pain free, I'm guessing. My problem was not only my hip, but also a leg discrepancy of 3/4", resulting from a childhood injury. I am a farmer. My quality of life was going downhill, fast. Just walking was daunting, let alone weeding, harvesting, planting, canning, etc., etc. My 1st appt. was Feb. 24th. My operation was March 13th. Today is December 30th. It has been nothing short of a miracle!!! Not only did I get a new hip, I got back the length I was missing. I am level for the 1st time in 40 years.I am doing things I have been unable to do for a very, very long time. Every day I am amazed at my new and improved life. Dr. Ballard and his staff made me feel at ease, answered all my concerns, really gave me back my farm life. Top notch, seamless, proven. I would not hesitate to call on him again. Thank you, Dr. Ballard!

Penny Burton

  • Hip Replacement
Wow! Had I known surgery would be so straight forward I'd have had it sooner. The first two weeks were the hardest, not because of the surgery but because of having to wear compression stockings. Dr. Ballard had no restrictions so I was building up my strength right away and able to take short walks. The entire process from preparation to rehab went exactly as expected. There was no fear factor. He takes his time explaining the process and has a kind, easy going and confident manner.


  • Bilateral Hip Replacement
Dr. Ballard performed bilateral hip replacement surgery in July. This was the first such bilateral procedure he performed, although Dr. Ballard has extensive experience in hip replacement. The surgery and postoperative care have progressed smoothly, and my continued appreciation to Dr. Ballard and his staff. Dr. Ballard possesses a combination of factors which make him unique. He is young but very experienced, knowledgeable, and on the cutting edge (in a manner of speaking) of the practice. Dr. Ballard remains enthusiastic despite having performed hundreds of surgeries, and is a self-critical individual who continues to strive for perfection. Above all, Dr. Ballard is willing to take time to answer questions and settle concerns without making you feel rushed, making the process easy to understand. His staff is also first rate. Dr. Ballard is further gifted with a sense of humor.
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