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Hallie Nottingham

  • Partial Knee Replacement
In January 2011, Dr. Ballard performed a partial knee replacement for me. It was a complete success and prior to the surgery, I was briefed on the procedures. I praise the skill and treatment by Dr. Ballard and his staff. In the future, should I require other surgeries in his field of expertise, I would not consider any other Doctor. I feel very fortunate to have been his patient.

Paul DuPont

  • Hip Revision
I had a hip replacement 7 years ago that left me in constant pain. After going back to my doctor several times with no success, a friend that is an orthopedic surgeon suggested I contact Dr. Ballard. It has been a success story ever since. Dr. Ballard was one on one with me, took a real interest and was willing to take the time to answer all my questions. If you want a skilled surgeon that will look you in the eye and answer any questions I would highly recommend Dr. Ballard. AFTER THE REVISION ITS LIKE BEING ON VACATION EVERYDAY!

Mike Bowen

  • Total Hip Replacement of Both Hips
I suffered with major hip problems for eight years.I did not know which surgeon to go to to have total hip replacements done. My sister broke her ankle and Dr Ballard performed reconstructive surgery on her ankle and it was a success. I went for a consultation with Dr Ballard and he looked at my X-rays and he put me at ease about total hip replacements.I had the left hip replaced and five weeks later I had the right hip replaced.The surgeries were both successful. Dr Ballard"s expertise speaks for itself and needless to say, I will have Dr Ballard do my knee replacements as I have end stage arthritis in both knees. If you need a surgery, Dr Ballard is the surgeon to call. I thank God and Doctor Ballard for new hips.

Linda Brandow

  • Total Knee Replacement
I recently had my left knee replaced by Dr. Ballard. He is a gifted surgeon, has a great way with his patients, and tells it like it is. A truly nice person and really enjoys his profession. I would highly recommend Dr. Ballard for his skills, and will certainly have him do my hip replacement surgery when I am ready.

Mary Lou Donovan

  • Total Knee Replacement of Both Knees
I had suffered with much knee pain for so many years. I wondered if anything could allow me a pain free life again. I learned about Dr. Ballard from a friend and when I met him, I knew he was the one that should be trusted to do my surgeries. I had the right knee done in April of 2010 and the left knee done in Sept. 2010. I am now absolutely pain free!!! I also appreciated the physical therapy that I received and the post independent therapy where I could use their facilities for a small fee for three months following assigned therapy. I am now ready to transition to a regular gym program. Thank you SO MUCH, Dr. Ballard. You have given me my life back.

Joe Sutton

  • Hip Replacement
Dr. Ballard gave me, and my wife, my life back. I couldn't be more pleased. Stairs or long walks were not an option. We go for walks, stairs are no concern, I'm hunting again. Long rides on the Harley, Thanks Dr. Ballard!!!

Gloria Hurley-Naught

  • Bi-Lateral Total Knee Arthroplasty
I have just come from my 6 week post op visit from my 2nd total knee replacement with Dr Ballard. I am 55 years old and have lived with a severe valgus deformity for most of my life. Dr Ballard has corrected this problem and I am now pain free and for the first time in my life I have 2 straight legs. I am thrilled and over joyed with the results. No more hiding freakish legs. No more pain. I Love you Dr Ballard. You are a gift & simply stated the BEST Orthopedic Surgeon. Thank You, Gloria Hurley-Naught

Bruce Anderson

  • Bi-Lateral Total Knee Arthroplasty
Dr. Ballard replaced my left knee in April, 2011 and my right knee in August, 2011. Prior to my surgeries, just walking to the mailbox was an ordeal, and now I find myself wanting to take long walks. With long purposeful strides, no one would guess that I have prosthetic knees, and best of all, I'm pain free! I did some research before selecting Dr. Ballard, whom I believe to be one of the very best with this difficult surgery. My outcome certainly reinforces my decision to choose Dr. Ballard. I have a new life!

Jolene Cummings

  • Hip Replacement
Being a Certified USWF Instructor I was in the water 5 days a week so could not believe the pain in my hip area couldn't be cured! Several of my students have new knees & hips thanks to Dr. Ballard so I knew who to go to when I needed help. They all praise him & think he's the greatest. And boy were they right! I'm here to tell you Dr. Ballard changed my world! He told me up front he could fix my problem with a new hip, immediately after the surgery the pain was gone & I had my attitude adjustment. Life is so good! I'm back to Square Dancing & teaching Water Aerobics pain free! We also Plus dance with horses we've made out of barrels that a group called "River City Riders" have created. We have been invited to the 2012 61st Square Dance Convention in Spokane, WA to perform. This will be our 3rd Nationals to be invited to. The last one was in Louisville, Kentucky. Thank you Dr. Ballard for using your awesome ability & restoring my life to a position of happiness!

David Hjorten

  • Total Hip Replacement
One year ago today, Dr. Ballard gave me a new hip. Not only is the excruciating pain in my hip gone, the lower back pain that I have been plagued with for years has disappeared. I feel like I have been given a new lease on life. In the last year, I have ridden 1400 miles on my bicycle during summer, including participating in Cycle Oregon and riding up Lolo Pass to the Pacific Crest Trail. I have stomped up and down the Oregon coast in search of razor clams, I have fished along streams and rivers hoping to catch a big salmon and I have sat comfortable, in a boat, on a lake, all day long. More recently, I packed out a 5 point bull elk from the Oregon coast range. It was the biggest elk I have ever gotten in over 50 years of hunting, and it was the toughest to pack out. With over 65 lbs of elk strapped to my back, it took 1/2 an hour to hike up the hill to the closest road, then it was 3/4 of a mile of pushing my mountain bike to get to the top of mountain, then a hair raising 3 mile decent on the bike. I did that three times with my hunting partner until the elk was off the mountain. My only thought concerning my hip was that it was so nice to be pain free. Prior to my hip surgery, Dr. Ballard said there would be things I would no longer be able to do.I have yet to find any.

David G. Welsh

  • Bi-Lateral Total Knee Arthroplasty
Wow what a ride. I had both knees replaced by Dr. Ballard at the same time. My knees where worn out from too much fun and living, and I am not willing to give up fun yet. I did research and found Dr. Ballard and am very glad. The results are perfect. The old pain is gone, first time in I can't remember when. I lived on Aleve, but no more. Thank you Dr. Ballard.

John Callen

  • Total Left Knee Replacement
Dr Ballard performed a total knee replacement on me December 20, 2010 at Legacy Meridian Park Hospital. Preparing for the surgery, he totally informed me of the procedure, the recovery and long term prognosis in a way that was completely reassuring. The day of the operation went off without a hitch. He ended up spending more time on the procedure than originally anticipated because he realized that my knee required more clean-up once he had opened it up. After surgery he checked on me while I was in recovery, answered all my questions, and made sure that I was set up to start my rehabilitation. BTW, I can't say enough good things about the staff in the orthopedics ward at LMP; they are awesome! And Dr Ballard's physician assistant, Michael Garland, was also very supportive during the whole process. My rehabilitation went smoothly and 13 months after the operation I now have 130 degrees of motion with no pain and have resumed a very active life style (in addition to cycling, I've started to play racquetball again with absolutely no problems). Though I would not look forward to another knee or a hip replacement, I wouldn't hesitate having Dr Ballard do it if/when it needed to be done.

Dave Wood

  • Total Hip Replacement
My primary care physician recommended Dr. Ballard as the best in Portland for hip and knee replacements. Dr. Ballard used the new minimally invasive surgery techniques to perform my surgery and my recovery has been very quick. after 10 days I walked without a cane or crutches; after 30 days I went back to work full time including traveling and long walks through airports with no problems. My experience has been positive in all ways and I would highly recommend Dr. Ballard.

Gail Feinstein

  • Bi-Lateral Hip Replacements
I was a nervous wreck about having my hips replaced, even though I was in extreme pain all the time from arthritis and because both of the balls of my femurs were deformed from the disease. At my first pre-op appointment, Dr. Ballard immediately put me at ease with his easygoing, confident attitude. I proceeded with my first hip replacement and eight weeks later my other hip. Mine was a complicated case, but Dr. Ballard did a fabulous job of fixing my joints and making me feel wonderful. He has the best bedside manner and you feel like a million dollars after he has seen you. Michael Gallant, the PA, was a giant help to me as well, making suggestions and always answering all my questions and concerns. While I was in the hospital, on at least two different occasions, different staff members commented to me that Dr. Ballard was the best surgeon in the State of Oregon, unsolicited. This is so true!

Gene W.

  • Full Right Knee Replacement
Gene had his right knee replacement surgery at Meridian Park Hospital on February 20, 2012. He was up and out of the hospital on February 23rd and only used a walker for night time security for the next few days. By the end of 30 days he was walking without a limp with a lot of help from North Lake Physical Therapy. He started therapy the week after the surgery and his recovery has been remarkable. No pain when he puts pressure on his right leg. PA Mike Garland was of great assistance in providing answers to all of our questions. Couldn't be happier with the results.
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