Advances in Knee Replacements

This new design allows surgeons to preserve the important central ligaments of the knee called the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. This design should allow a knee replacement to move, respond, and feel more like a normal knee.

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The Anterior Hip

Patients are being told by both surgeons and orthopedic implant companies that Anterior Hip Replacement approach offers something unique and different compared to other approaches. This is a flatly untrue, unscientifically supported myth...

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Outpatient Joint Replacement

With Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery, patients are able to return home the same day as the procedure. Patients also begin physical therapy within hours of surgery.

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Recognition as One of "Portland's Top Doctors"

In January 2011, Dr. Ballard was named one of Portland, Oregon's top doctors by Portland Monthly Magazine. Amongst the physicians recognized, eight orthopedic specialists were named for their service within the highly competitive and growing medical field. Dr. Ballard is honored to have received the accolade, as he continues to provide the most advanced surgical options for the treatment and care of his patients.

Leading Orthopedic Specialist

Specializing in both general and sports-related orthopedic conditions, Dr. Ballard's patients represent a diverse spectrum of backgrounds and specific care needs. In each case, attention is paid to the unique issue at hand, followed with the creation of personalized plans for both immediate treatment and long-term rehabilitation. Likewise, all prescribed efforts incorporate an attention to preventative care, striving to alleviate any risks for future re-injury or recovery setback. This dedication to both ongoing patient health and success contributed to Dr. Ballard's recognition as one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the Portland area.

The Award and Portland Monthly Magazine

The award reflects the collaborative goal of Portland Monthly Magazine and Castle Connoly Medical Ltd. to recognize the area's best doctors in terms of both medical expertise and attentive patient care. Over 5,500 licensed physicians in the tri-county and Southwest Washington area were called upon to nominate the top providers amongst 59 specialty areas. The most nominated doctors were identified for receipt of the accolade.

Portland Monthly Magazine boasts a circulation of over 50,000 issues per month, and is currently the top selling magazine in the state of Oregon. Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. Is an independent medical research company, known for identifying America's best medical providers.

Dr. Ballard's Services

Dr. Ballard and his team treat patients from all walks of life, focusing on a wide range of orthopedic conditions. Areas of concentration include, but are not limited to: arthritis of the hip and knee; ligament and cartilage damage; and traumatic injuries. Whenever possible, minimally invasive approaches will be utilized, potentially contributing to reduced post-operative pain and a faster return to recreational activities.

To schedule an appointment, contact either his Oregon City, OR, or Tualatin, OR practice at (503) 656-0836.