Advances in Knee Replacements

This new design allows surgeons to preserve the important central ligaments of the knee called the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. This design should allow a knee replacement to move, respond, and feel more like a normal knee.

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The Anterior Hip

Patients are being told by both surgeons and orthopedic implant companies that Anterior Hip Replacement approach offers something unique and different compared to other approaches. This is a flatly untrue, unscientifically supported myth...

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Outpatient Joint Replacement

With Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery, patients are able to return home the same day as the procedure. Patients also begin physical therapy within hours of surgery.

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Dr. Ballard visits with Japanese and German surgeons training on the Journey XR Knee System

In April and May of this year, Dr Ballard hosted a team of surgeons from Japan (Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, & Kyoto) and another from Germany (Siegen) to demonstrate and teach the surgical technique for a new knee replacement system from Smith and Nephew Orthopedics. The system is the Journey XR and has the unique feature of retaining both of the important cruciate ligaments in the knee. Each of these surgeons are going to be the first in their respective countries to use this new system. As a final part of their training, they spent several days with Dr Ballard learning the technique and observing him in the operating room. Their visit highlights Dr Ballard's interest in staying current with emerging joint replacement technologies and his strong interest in teaching surgical techniques. Similar visits will take place over the next several years as more surgeons are exposed to this exciting new technology in knee replacement.

Dr. Ballard Visits German Surgeons Training on the Journey XR Knee SystemDr. Ballard Visits Japanese Surgeons Training on the Journey XR Knee System