Advances in Knee Replacements

This new design allows surgeons to preserve the important central ligaments of the knee called the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. This design should allow a knee replacement to move, respond, and feel more like a normal knee.

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The Anterior Hip

Patients are being told by both surgeons and orthopedic implant companies that Anterior Hip Replacement approach offers something unique and different compared to other approaches. This is a flatly untrue, unscientifically supported myth...

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Outpatient Joint Replacement

With Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery, patients are able to return home the same day as the procedure. Patients also begin physical therapy within hours of surgery.

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Joint Replacement for Younger Patients in Portland, Oregon

Joint replacement surgery used to be considered a procedure recommended only to patients over the age of 60, who were unable to relieve pain symptoms, but in recent years a larger number of younger active patients have been undergoing joint replacement surgery. Before proceeding with joint replacement surgery, Dr. Ballard will work one-on-one with patients to determine if they are able to relieve symptoms through conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, medications, and exercise.

Knee and Hip Replacement for Younger Patients

Knee and hip replacement surgery is recommended for patients who are unable to relieve joint pain through the use of conservative treatments, or who have experienced impacts on their ability to complete daily activities due to joint pain.

For younger patients suffering from advanced arthritis of the knee or hip, Dr. Ballard will often consider joint replacement surgery to relieve pain symptoms and restore joint functionality, if conservative treatments cease to relieve symptoms.

The factors that Dr. Ballard will consider when recommending joint replacement surgery for younger patients include:

  • Pain intensity and how often the patient needs to take pain medications to manage symptoms
  • The patient’s ability to complete and extended physical therapy regimen to ensure proper healing
  • The patient’s physical condition and quality of life

Concerns and Benefits of Joint Replacement for Younger Patients

While joint replacement has several potential benefits, including increased joint functionality and decreased joint pain, surgeons are often concerned about the prosthetic implant wearing away when recommending joint replacement surgery to younger patients.

Because younger patients are typically more active after surgery, and will use the artificial joint for a longer period than older patients, there is an increased risk of the artificial joint becoming loose. While rare, if a prosthetic implant does become loose, Dr. Ballard will often recommend joint revision surgery.

However, due to recent advances in prosthetic implant technology, such as custom-fit or gender specific knee implants, as well as the use of advanced surgical techniques (minimally invasive surgery), the risk of a prosthetic implant wearing out has decreased. Likewise, patients often experience an increased lifespan of their implant and a quicker recovery from surgery. In addition, patients can take steps in their daily lives to lengthen the life-span of their implant, including avoiding high-intensity activities (hockey, soccer, football, intense weight lifting) and doing at home joint strengthening exercises.

Joint Replacement for Younger Patients in Portland, Oregon

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