Advances in Knee Replacements

This new design allows surgeons to preserve the important central ligaments of the knee called the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. This design should allow a knee replacement to move, respond, and feel more like a normal knee.

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The Anterior Hip

Patients are being told by both surgeons and orthopedic implant companies that Anterior Hip Replacement approach offers something unique and different compared to other approaches. This is a flatly untrue, unscientifically supported myth...

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Outpatient Joint Replacement

With Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery, patients are able to return home the same day as the procedure. Patients also begin physical therapy within hours of surgery.

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Patient Testimonials

Discover what others say regarding their surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Penny Burton

  • hip replacement
“Wow! Had I known surgery would be so straight forward I'd have had it sooner. The first two weeks were the hardest, not because of the surgery but because of having to wear compression stockings. Dr. Ballard had no restrictions so I was building up my strength right away and able to take short walks. The entire process from preparation to rehab went exactly as expected. There was no fear factor. He takes his time explaining the process and has a kind, easy going and confident manner.”


  • bilateral hip replacement
“Dr. Ballard performed bilateral hip replacement surgery in July. This was the first such bilateral procedure he performed, although Dr. Ballard has extensive experience in hip replacement.

The surgery and postoperative care have progressed smoothly, and my continued appreciation to Dr. Ballard and his staff.

Dr. Ballard possesses a combination of factors which make him unique. He is young but very experienced, knowledgeable, and on the cutting edge (in a manner of speaking) of the practice. Dr. Ballard remains enthusiastic despite having performed hundreds of surgeries, and is a self-critical individual who continues to strive for perfection.

Above all, Dr. Ballard is willing to take time to answer questions and settle concerns without making you feel rushed, making the process easy to understand. His staff is also first rate. Dr. Ballard is further gifted with a sense of humor.

J Bryan O

  • Left Hip Replacement
“Dr. James Ballard is a Rock Star!

In 2012 I had my right hip replaced at another very fine institution by a very fine surgeon. No real complaints, except down the road, a tendon in my right groin area made it painful getting in and out of the car. Basically, I thought this was success.

I was told at the time of my right hip replacement that my left hip would also need replacement some time in the future. Two years later, I was actually scheduled to do the left hip with my prior surgeon. Purely due to a recommendation by my dermatologist, who had Dr. Ballard do his hip, I decided to check him out. Well, at the initial consultation, Dr. Ballard instantly figured out the cause of my lingering pain and got that fixed very quickly with a 1/2 hour outpatient injection procedure that he doesn't do; but, it cured the problem I had complained about for more than a year to my other surgeon. Maybe, if it isn't a surgery it doesn't matter to all surgeons, but it mattered to Dr. Ballard. I also really liked the energy and positive attitude Dr. Ballard exudes. I am not a time waster and neither is he; he is fast, clear, competent and friendly.

So, in August 2015, I had Dr. Ballard do my left hip replacement. Comparison between the two experiences -- First surgery with Doc X - In hospital 72 hours; on hard drugs for 9 days; extensive bruising throughout my entire right side [toes to stomach]; bruising lasted forever; driving in 22 days; at work in 30 days. All things considered a pretty good result.

Left hip surgery with Dr. Ballard - In the hospital less than 24 hours; off hard drugs in less than 72 hours; off normal Tylenol within a couple of weeks; so little bruising that I kept waiting for it to show up; driving in [well, I won't say how fast because I'd get in trouble]; I had half-day work meetings in my office on day 9; crawling down, fixing plumbing under the sink in 3 weeks. I am a big guy at more than 250 lbs, so it wasn't like I was an easy case. So, thanks Dr Ballard; again, you are a Rock Star!”

Nancy Muller

  • Right Knee Revision
“In September 2010 I had a left knee replacement; September 2013 I had a right knee replacement. Both these surgeries were performed by another Doctor. I still dealt with pain and limited mobility.
During the summer of 2015 my chronic pain/mobility issues became so severe it affected my physical abilities at both home and work.
I met with Dr. Ballard in December 2015. Tests showed that both my knees were failing due to looseness and placement issues. On February 26, 2016 he did a right knee revision. From the beginning my revised knee felt tighter and stronger! My flexion is between 107-115 degrees; a far cry from the 70-90 degrees that I had with my original replacement.
Dr. Ballard, Michael Garland, PA and Sarah Gouwerok, RN are compassionate, confident individuals and have one goal: return their patients to a pain free life! I am still recovering from my first revision; I look forward to having my left knee revision performed as well.
I would not be doing this well without Dr. Ballard's expertise!
He and his staff are miracle workers!
Thank you for helping me!”

Susan Taylor

  • Knee Replacement
Susan Taylor's photo
“In 2014 I began my search for a doctor/surgeon to help me with my knee pain. The moment I met Dr. Ballard I felt a connection and knew he could help me. Not only is Dr. Ballard a skilled surgeon but he is compassionate and truly cared about helping me walk again.
The surgery was a success. I was up and around in record time. It has been 15 months and everyday I think about Dr. Ballard. I'm back to doing the things I love; working in the garden, walking the dogs and living a life free of knee pain.
Lastly, I have the prettiest scar. Thank you Dr. Ballard!”

Susan T.

  • Hip Replacement
“Dr. Ballard was amazing. He listened and showed compassion. My hip replacement recovery was amazing. I had been in so much pain and the minute I rolled out of the surgery my hip pain was gone, I was walking within an hour and home a few hours later. The only pain I have had is in the muscles that haven't been used for some time. I am so grateful to Dr. Ballard for giving me my life back and would and have recommended him to anyone facing a hip or knee replacement.”

Debra G

  • Left and Right Hip Replacement
Debra G's photo
“It's a miracle! Dr Ballard is an amazing surgeon who gave me the ability
to walk again, and so much more! After years of "gouging" pain in my
left hip, and severe lack of mobility and pain in my right hip, I am
hiking again and loving every minute of it. To be in the woods was my
focus and I was wondering if that would ever happen again, until I met
Dr. Ballard. When he walked in, he had an incredible presence ~ full of
energy and life ~ very confident and very real. We knew he was the
surgeon for me. With Dr. Ballard we got the best of both worlds ~ a
talented surgeon and a kind and compassionate man.

A little over a year ago, there were many times when I could not even
walk from my front door to my garage. I remember reading Dr. Ballard's
testimonials and started crying, overwhelmed with hope, and said aloud
to my husband "I want to experience that". Now I do! Thank you so
much Dr. Ballard!! You "ROC"!

Wayne Osenga

  • Total knee replacement of both knees
“Dr. Ballard replaced my right knee in October, 2015, and them my left knee in March, 2016. My recovery and release from physical therapy in each instance was less than a month having met or exceeded all of the goals required for post knee replacement surgery! Yes, there was pain immediately after the surgeries, but I was off of the pain meds in 2 weeks for each knee. Today, September, 2016, I have enjoyed a pain free, extremely active summer involving assisting the Molalla Buckaroo Junior Court at most of their functions as well as attended the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo all six days from 8 AM until closing (at the request of a couple of the Princesses from the Jr. Court!) and never once experienced any discomfort! In fact, I have never had a better time in my life! I can honestly say that my new knees are the best thing that has happened to me since the birth of my last child!!! Thank you, Dr. Ballard, for being the best of the best! Your skills have allowed me to have a life for the first time in 35 years!!!”

Wayne O.

  • Knee Replacement
“Having been a patient here on several occasions, I believe that there can be NO BETTER hands to be in! I have received nothing but the best possible care on every occasion!!”

Karen Dummer

  • Total Hip Replacement
“Dr. Ballard is the best doctor ever. He replaced my hip with little discomfort, and has improved my life 1000%. Before surgery I was in excruciating pain that severely limited my activities. The pain was immediately eliminated with surgery, and I regained my strength and mobility within weeks. Dr. Ballard is very personable, listens to his patients, is easy to talk to and answers all your questions. I am so happy with my experience with Dr Ballard, his staff and the team at Meridian Park Hospital that I have scheduled surgery to replace the other hip. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Ballard to anyone with hip issues, he will change your life.”
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