Advances in Knee Replacements

This new design allows surgeons to preserve the important central ligaments of the knee called the anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. This design should allow a knee replacement to move, respond, and feel more like a normal knee.

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The Anterior Hip

Patients are being told by both surgeons and orthopedic implant companies that Anterior Hip Replacement approach offers something unique and different compared to other approaches. This is a flatly untrue, unscientifically supported myth...

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Outpatient Joint Replacement

With Outpatient Joint Replacement Surgery, patients are able to return home the same day as the procedure. Patients also begin physical therapy within hours of surgery.

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Pre and Post Hip Replacement in Portland, Oregon

During hip replacement surgery, Dr. Ballard will remove the damage components of the hip joint and secure a prosthetic implant in their place to restore pain free hip movement. To ensure a proper recovery, it is important that patients have a full understanding of what they will most likely experience both before and after hip surgery.

What to Expect Before Hip Replacement Surgery

A few days before surgery, hip replacement patients will be required to complete tests, such as x-rays, an EKG, and blood tests. Dr. Ballard will often recommend that patients begin joint strengthening exercises and a healthy balanced diet once hip replacement surgery has been determined to be the best treatment option, which will help ensure a safe recovery and rehabilitation.

Before surgery, Dr. Ballard will meet with patients to discuss the use of a multi-faceted approach to treating post-operative pain, as well as what they can expect on the day of surgery and afterwards. A multi-faceted approach to treating post-operative pain will include the administering of anti-inflammatory medications, anesthesia, nerve blocks, and/or a pain pump before, during, and after surgery.

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What to Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

The day after surgery, patients will begin working with a physical therapist to learn how to use their new hip joint, walk without damaging the repaired hip, and simple exercises to strengthen the muscles around the new joint. For approximately six weeks after surgery, hip replacement patients will continue a physical therapy regimen at an out-patient facility with a certified physical therapist and complete at-home strengthening exercises.

It is important that hip replacement patients strictly follow an approved exercise routine and take precautions before attempting activities after surgery, to ensure the ball and socket of the new hip joint does not dislocate.

Hip replacement patients are typically able to return home 3-to-4 days after surgery, once they have received approval from Dr. Ballard. Upon returning home, it will be critical that hip replacement patients take precautions when completing activities, to decrease the risk of joint dislocation or damage to the repaired joint. To decrease the risk of excess pressure being placed on the hip joints, patients should use a walker or crutches when walking and use the arms of chairs as leverage when standing. In addition, patients should avoid sitting in low chairs, as additional pressure will be placed on the repaired hip joint when standing.

For any post-operative pain, Dr. Ballard will prescribe non-narcotic oral pain medications. In addition, patients can apply ice packs to the repaired joint to decrease any post-op swelling. By taking proper precautions and following the recommended physical therapy regimen, the majority of hip replacement patients will be able return to their daily activities 6-to-8 weeks after surgery.

Pre and Post Hip Replacement Surgery in Portland, Oregon

James C. Ballard, MD is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of hip pain, as well as hip replacement surgery. Dr. Ballard provides treatment to patients in the Portland, Oregon area. To learn more about what to expect before and after hip replacement surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ballard, call his Oregon City office at (503) 656-0836.